STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)

Green STEM

Green STEM applies Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines to the natural world.  PS 34’s Green STEM program uses an integrated, interdisciplinary project-based learning approach to provide students with opportunities to focus on real-world problems, develop solutions and use evidence to support claims, and emphasize skills like cooperation, communication, and teamwork.  Our Green STEM program does this within the context of our own community, challenging them to solve problems that exist around them. 

Lego Engineering

The P.S. 34 LEGO Engineering curriculum seeks to harness children’s natural desire to play, build, and take things apart. This program bring together the needed 21st century skills cooperative skills and incorporate the character education at the core of the school in a fun and highly motivating way. 

In class students learn the foundations of engineering: taking on a building challenge, planning the model, testing the model, and further refining the model all while working with others.  Students at each age level tackle increasingly complex engineering challenges. All students learn about building for stability. The kindergarten through third graders learn about stable simple machines. The fourth through fifth graders use their knowledge about basic engineering and combine this with coding in LEGO Robotics projects.