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School Year 2020-2021 Learning Preference Options Deadline August 7!

If you want your child to continue all-remote learning in the fall, Let us know by completing the Learning Preference survey by August 7

This fall, the Department of Education is requesting that schools offer a combination of in-person and remote learning. You can choose from two options:

1.100% Remote Learning(all online, from home): Opt-in to have your child learn 100% remotely at PS 34 in the fall. To choose this option for your child, fill out and submit this form. If you are having difficulties completing this form online, call 311.


2.Combination of In-Person and Remote Learning: Your child can follow their school’s schedule, a mix of in-person days at school, and remote learning days from home. To choose this option, no action is needed: the school will be in touch about its schedule and programming plans in the coming weeks. Please visit the Return to School 2020 for information. If you chose 100% Remote Learning but want to change your child’s preference back to Blended Learning, complete this form again by August 7. 

  • After August 7, any family who chose 100% Remote Learning will have the option to change back to Blended Learning at a few specific times during the school year.

School Year 2020-2021 Learning Preference Options

Want your child to continue all-remote learning (all online, from home) in the fall? Let us know by completing the Learning Preference survey by August 7

Principal Carmen Asselta

PS 34 Principal's Update

 8-5-2020 Principals  Parent Update.pdf 

 8-5-2020 Principals Updates - Polish.pdf 


 7-13-2020 Principals Parent Update.pdf 

6-26-2020 Principal End of School Year Letter to Families.pdf 

Principal’s Update

July 13, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last week Mayor DiBlasio and Chancellor Carranza announced that schools would begin developing plans for the re-opening of school for September.  Schools were presented with models for scheduling the school week that will provide a consistent schedule for the children as they attend both in school and remote learning. 

This is what we know:

  • The models presented will have classes split either into 2 or 3 groups. The goal is to accommodate students in the building while maintaining social distancing requirements. This will require utilizing our school building space very differently.  As we continue to plan, we will have more information about what spaces will be used and what the safety protocols.  No decision regarding which model we will use has been made.
  • Beginning July 15, 2020 parents will have access to a survey where they may opt-out of in-school instruction and begin the school year utilizing remote learning only. There will be quarterly opportunities during the school year where parents will have the opportunity to opt-in and return to the school building if they so choose. Opting in will mean that their child would be included in the rotating schedule.  We will share the information as soon as it becomes available.
  • In the upcoming weeks, we will be meeting with our school SLT, and school facilities officials to determine what model we will adopt. We will also be taking into consideration the responses of the recent survey our PTA conducted before the end of the school year.
  • On July 24, 2020, I will hold a virtual meeting where I will share updates and answer questions. We will send out the time and link next week. 

              Please stay safe and enjoy the children!


              Carmen Asselta



June 26, 2020

Dear Parent, Guardians, and Friends of PS 34,

We have finally arrived at the last school day of the 2019-2020 school year.  Let me begin by saying, “Thank You”.  Your commitment and support has been extraordinary.  I am so grateful to all of our families for their sacrifice during these difficult times.  We had to reinvent our school to serve our students online.  This was not easy, but I am proud of how teachers and staff have worked so hard to make this transition happen while maintaining our connection with our students.

We had three beautiful virtual ceremonies.  Our 5th Grade Promotional Ceremony on June 17th, our Kindergarten, and Pre K Ceremonies on June 23rd and June 24th.   Thank you to all teachers and families for making these events so very personal and special.   We were even able to have a virtual 71st Annual Flag Day celebration that brought us back in time to our beloved school.

The school year is over, but we leave with many uncertainties and questions.  Foremost on everyone’s mind is, how we will reopen our school in September. This is what we know:

  • Currently, we are assessing our building and the needs of the teachers and students.  There is a possibility that we would open the school to a small number of students with rotating schedules.  This would mean that students who are not physically in school would then attend school virtually.  It is important to know that no decision about reopening has been made.  This decision will be made by the Chancellor’s Office and the NYC DOE.   Principals will receive guidance for reopening as we get closer to September.  It is important to take part in any surveys that the DOE sends out so that parent’s needs can be addressed.

What is new for the year ahead:

  • We are currently uploading our school to a new service called CareMonkey. It is paperless and we will be able to send you electronic forms that are easy to complete on your phone, tablet or PC. You will be able to complete all the required forms, permission slips, and Emergency Contact Card using CareMonkey. We are excited about providing you this service to help us manage all the paperwork we send home and allow you an easy way to provide all these forms back to us.  Please feel free to contact the school’s parent coordinator, Deise Kowalski at if you have any questions.

Signing Up - Families will be receiving an email or text with an account creation link and temporary password in the next few days. We encourage all families to sign up.

You can also watch a short video ( on CareMonkey’s parent page that shows you how the system works for parents.


  • We are happy to announce that our Dual Language Polish program continues to grow. We will have our first class entering the 5th-grade class this September.   This completes the Polish Dual Language program in our school, as we will now have one class in each grade from Kindergarten to 5th  Thank you to all our families for their support for this program and our partnerships who have enriched this program throughout its development, especially the Pilsudski Institute, the Polish Saturday Schools, the Polish Cultural Institute and The Polish Consulate.


Today all families will receive their children’s report cards and student classrooms for the next school year.  Teachers will also send out the summer assignments for each grade. Please look for those in your emails.  Summer assignments will also be available on our website,

We remain hopeful and positive moving forward.  Together we will remain strong.  I wish you all a safe, healthy summer.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions or to address a need. 


Carmen Asselta



Special Messages from the District 14 Superintendent

 July 28 2020 CSD14 Parent Newsletter.pdf 

 D14 Superintendents Letter July 9.pdf  

D14 Superintendents Letter July 9 Chinese 1.pdf

 D14 Superintendents Letter July 9 POLISH 1.pdf

 Superintendents Letter 9 de julio de 2020 1.pdf 

July 9, 2020

Dear District 14 Parents and Guardians,

This summer continues to be a challenging time in our community as we prepare for the
reopening in September. We are building on the lessons learned and strengths of the past
several months in remote learning. I want to celebrate the school leaders and their
communities for making the remote learning of the past school year an extraordinary effort
under difficult circumstances. The schools have shared that the success of remote learning was
partly because of your support and partnership, and I thank you for your dedication and
commitment. Our district has pulled together to support each other, from principals who have
made provisions to support their families in need, to the students and staff that have lifted
their voices to speak out for social justice for a better, anti-racist society and schools.

I also want to thank our CEC 14 for partnering with the schools and the district and always
allocating time and space for community voice to be lifted at their meetings. I appreciate the
members’ advocacy on behalf of all the families and students of District 14 and their help and
assistance with resources they have been sharing with them.

I am aware that the coming school year's uncertainty provides angst for you as you try to
anticipate and envision the Fall balancing the school and work schedules. Yesterday, the
principals and you heard from the Mayor and the Chancellor about the plans and models for
reopening in September. I am meeting with our principals today to discuss the next planning
steps. You will hear soon from your Principals and Parent Coordinators about your involvement
in planning, a critical part of the Deeper Parent Empowerment principle. There are no perfect
solutions, but we promise we will continue to find the best possible strategy to reopen given
the many challenges we face.

On the district level, I will invite you to join me for a conversation to hear more about your
concerns, questions, and ideas to move forward. This meeting will be scheduled for the week of
July 20 and you will receive an invitation to join.
This pandemic has been relentless and has affected our community. The priority will always be
the health and safety of the children, teachers, and staff of each District 14 school. To that end,
we must keep in mind that all plans depend upon what progress our city and state continue to
make against this pandemic. As a district, we will follow the guidelines and the policy of the
Chancellor and the Department of Education and work with individual school communities.

Alicja Winnicki

Community School District 14 Superintendent
215 Heyward Street, Room 246 • Brooklyn, N.Y. 11206
(W) 718.302.7600 • (F) 718.302.7978

On behalf of all district principals, teachers, and staff, we thank you for your patience during
this unprecedented time. We ask that you bear with us a little longer and partner with us as we
work to construct a plan for September. Please be assured that the plans our schools roll out
will reflect the best possible opportunities for all students and families, given the health, safety,
academic, and social-emotional objectives that guide our efforts every day.

My team and I hope you continue to enjoy a safe, healthy, and enjoyable summer. Do not
hesitate to reach out to us via email to share your thoughts and ideas, ask questions, and
express concerns.

Yours truly,

Alicja Winnicki

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