Summer Learning Packets: 2020-2021 School Year

Summer Learning Resources

 DOE Summer Reading Parent Letter_English.pdf

 K-2 SummerResources.pdf  

Pre-K to 5 Free Online Educational Activities_.pdf 

The Department of Education is thrilled to make more e-books and audiobooks for all ages available for free this summer to all DOE families, and it’s easier than ever to access them.   To learn more about how to access Sora and the New York City Library system’s collection of k-12 eBooks, please click here.


1st Grade Summer Learning Packet 2020-2021 

 1st Grade Polish Summer Learning.pdf

 9-15-2020 Updated 1st grade Supply List Fall 2020.pdf 

2nd Grade Summer Learning Packets 

 2nd Grade Summer Activity cover sheet 2020.pdf 

 2nd grade 2020 Summer Learning English only.pdf

 2nd Grade Fairy Tale in a bag project Dual Language Polish Program.pdf

 2nd Grade Supply list.pdf 


3rd Grades Summer Learning Packets

 3rd Grade Summer Learning Packet.pdf

 3rd Grade Supply List.pdf

 3rd Grade Summer Learning Packet - Dual Language Program.pdf



4th Grade Summer Learning Packets

 4th Grade Suggested Book List.pdf

 4th Grade Free Educational Websites.pdf

 4th Grade Summer Learning Packet.pdf

 4th-grade Summer Learning Packet Dual Language Polish Program.pdf 

 4th  Grade Supply List.pdf 


5th Grade Summer Learning Packet

 5th Grade Summer  Learning Assigments.pdf 

 5th Grade Supply List.docx 


Kindergarten Summer Learning Packet

Kindergarten Summer  Learning Literacy.pdf 

 Kindergarten Summer Math 2020.pdf 

8-2020 Updated Kindergarten Supply List 2020.pdf 



Pre-Kindergarten Summer Learning Packet

 Pre-K Summer Learning Packet.pdf

Pre-K Summer Menu Mats.pdf 

 Pre-K supply list updated.pdf