PS 34 is Home of the First Polish-English Dual Language Program in NYC!

Dual Language Program Model

Balanced Language Model (50/50 model), reflects the balance of the two languages.

Students receive half of their instruction in English and the other half in Polish.

Student Composition: The students are linguistically integrated; there are native speakers of English (EP) and native speakers of Polish (ELLs).

The Dual Language teacher plans all instruction with the K teachers and ESL teachers to ensure all students meet the academic and linguistic objectives and expectations.

Content Area Instruction

  •  Content instruction will be supportive of full bilingual proficiency for both native Polish speakers and fluent English speakers and will be taught in both English and Polish.
  • Social Studies and Science are integrated in the literacy block through read alouds, songs, and arts & crafts activities in the classroom as well as through field trips and multicultural presentations outside of the classroom. 
  • Science, Gym, Music and Art are taught by specialty teachers in English.  Students meet with specialty teachers five times a week.

A Typical Day in the Program

A typical day begins with a Morning Meeting where students practice skills that are grade level appropriate.  After Morning Meeting, students typically begin their literacy activities either through reading or writing.  This continues throughout most of the morning and will include diverse topics from Social Studies, Science, and other content areas.  A combined lunch/recess is provided in the middle of the day for 50 minutes. In the afternoons, instruction in math and Center Time is provided.  For 1 period of the day (50 minutes) children will receive instruction in English from a specialty teacher for Physical Education, Technology, Music, or Science. 


Polish-English Dual Language Program at PS 34

The Dual Language program at PS 34 aims to provide ELL and EP  students with an academically rigorous curriculum in both languages that will  enable them to meet or exceed the New York State and City standards.  Students are expected to build academic skills in their first language and eventually transfer these skills to the second language. Students are expected to comprehend, speak, read, and write in both languages upon their  completion of a Dual Language program in grade 5.

The program began in September 2016 within kindergarten and this school year, September 2018, the program continues to grow to 3rd grade.