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Weeks of October 28 - November 8, 2019


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PS34 Oliver H Perry Elementary SChool
November 2019 Calendar


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November 2019
PS 34 Oliver H. Perry Elementary
Parent Coordinator Newsletter

The New York City Department of Education PS 34 Oliver Hazard Perry Elementary School
131 Norman Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11222 Tel: 718 389-5842 Fax: 718 389-0356 www.PS34.org

October Highlights! Courtyard Garden Ribbon Cutting: PS34 Celebrated parents who have been instrumental in bringing about our new Courtyard Garden next to the kindergarten cafeteria, with a special ribbon cutting celebration on October 16. PS 34 community, families, the student Leader in Me Student Lighthouse team were invited to the celebration. A special thank you to: Lisa Jaycox, Keving Hayes, Donna Orozova, Bernardo Zavattini, Oona Ratcliffe, Alina Calovic, Alexis, Anthony, Jane Lea and Happy Sullivan. ______________________________________________________ 5th Grade “Fluffy ScienceScience” Workshop
Workshop: On October 22, 2019 our 5 5th graders
experienced a special treat with a
“Fluffy Science” workshop brought to
PS 34 by the Polish Cultural Institute.
The Fluffy Science workshop is a combination of science and history with stories of pioneering figures who changed science through their discoveries. The workshop also explored the fundamentals of science and the importance of learning through experiments.

November 22, 2019 @ 8:45 am, Coffee Time with the Parent Coordinator features “Yoga for People Who Think They Can Do Yoga!” with instructor Gigi Mathews. These yoga sessions are designed to assist with everyday life, to energize in the morning, counteract the effects of sitting at a desk, de-stress and wind down before sleep and other daily challenges. It isn’t fitness class. No mats required. It is toning and good for the body and mind. Please RSVP to Ms. Kowalski at Dkowalski@schools.nyc.gov if you would like to attend.
______________________________________________________ 5th Grade Parents, Get Ready for Middle School in 2020! The middle school application is now open. Apply to middle school by December 2, 2019. Make sure to create a MySchools account and complete a personalized online application. Your child can apply to up to 12 middle school programs. All applicants will get a middle school offer in March 2020. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Ms. Deise Kowalski, Parent Coordinator at Dkowalski@schools.nyc.gov.

Dates to Remember:
November 1 Parent Read Aloud -Family Movie Night featuring Coco 6:00pm, Cafeteria
November 5 : Election Day (School Closed)
November 6 3rd grade Lion King Auditions 2:35-4:45 pm
November 7 4th grade Lion King Auditions 2:35-4:45pm
November 8 5th grade Lion King Auditions 2:35-4:45pm
November 11 School Closed for Veterans Day
November 12 –Gifted and Talented Registration Deadline (for grades Prek-2)
November 12-15 Book Fair (students will be able to purchase books during the day. Tax is added to all purchases)
November 14 -Half Day of School for all students 11:30 am dismissal. -Parent Teacher Conferences Day 12:35-2:35 & 4:30-7:30
November 15 -PS 34 Family Night- Disney on Ice
November 19 PTA meeting @ 8:45 am, School Cafeteria.
November 21 –SLT Meeting at 2:45 pm in the Principal’s meeting room.
November 22 –Coffee Time with PC 8:45 am.
November 26 -Family Award Assembly 3pm, School Cafeteria.
November 28 and 29 Thanksgiving Holiday (School Closed)

Principal Carmen Asselta CAsseelt@schools.nyc.gov
Assistant Principal Alain Beugoms ABeugoms@schools.nyc.gov
PTA Co-President Melissa Sullivan & Ricara Zahner
PTA Co-Secretaries Jacqueline Torres & Kevin Hayes
PTA Co-Treasurers Amanda Goldman & Liann Powell
Parent Coordinator Deise Kowalski DKowalski@schools.nyc.gov
Green STEM Sustainability Coordinator Jeanne Marshall

Fun Facts About November Holidays!
In Mexico and throughout many Hispanic communities in the U.S., November 1 & 2 is also known as the Day of the Dead, a time for families to remember and honor loved ones who have passed away. All Soul's Day, in which Christians essentially do the same, is celebrated on, November 2.
Veteran's Day, when we honor those who have served in the United States Armed Forces, falls annually on November 11. It also coincides with Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, which mark the end of World War I.
Thanksgiving, perhaps the most popular of all-American holidays after Christmas is celebrated each year on the third Thursday of November. https://www.liveabout.com/november-fun-facts-3456080
PTA News
PTA Marathon Sunday Bake Sale. The PTA is planning a bake sale in Greenpoint along the NYC Marathon route Sunday November 4th to engage with the community and further our fundraising. We’re looking for volunteers to bake and work shifts. Please email us if you would like to help! PS34PTAGREENPOINT@GMAIL.COM
PS 34 Fall 2019 Book Fair Arctic Adventure Sign me up to help at the Book Fair! We are looking for a team of volunteers to assist at the book fair on Thursday, November 14, 2019. We need help with the following: • Help at our sales check out table • Offer a helping hand – set up or pack up • Set up decorations• Help shoppers of all ages find their perfect book. Times needed are 12-1:30 _1:30-2:35 _4:30-5:30 _5:30-6:30 _6:30-7:30. Please contact Ms. Kowalski at Dkowalski@schools.nyc.gov by Nov 12 if you are available to help. __________________________________________________ Parents are invited to: PS 34’s Celebration of Polish Independence Event! Presented by The k-4 Dual Language Classes Date: November 12, 2019 Time: 9:00 am Place: PS 34 Oliver H. Perry Elementary 131 Norman Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222 (Dual Language Class/grade presentations begins on McGuiness Blvd. Schoolyard weather permitting.)
RSVP to Ms. Deise Kowalski at Dkowalski@schools.ny.gov if you are attending
Join the PS 34 PTA at the Williamsburg Shake Shack on Tuesday November 5 (Election Day - NO SCHOOL!). 25% of proceeds will be donated to the PS 34 PTA. Come by anytime between 11 am - 9 pm. Lunch and Dinner covered on the day off!

Our Annual Online Auction is coming soon! Mark your calendars for December 2-12 to knock everything off your holiday shopping list, and maybe snag a few deals for yourself! There will be some AMAZING items this year! Own a local business and want to donate? Or have a connection we should be connected with? Have a knack for soliciting items for a good cause? Email fundraising@ps34pta.org or submit your donation online tinyurl.com/PS34PTA-AnnualAuction-2019.
PTA News Mrs. Erin KotovaMrs. Erin Kotova, Anya’s mom, Anya’s mom, reads to class reads to class KK--106 on 106 on October 11, 2019 . October 11, 2019 . Parents/Guardians brought in stories Parents/Guardians brought in stories to read based on the October themes: to read based on the October themes: Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Kindness & Halloween Fun!Kindness & Halloween Fun!


 November 2019 Home-and-School.pdf 

Working Together for School Success CONNECTION
November 2019

Promises matter
Before you promise your child something—for instance, that you’ll take him to the playground —make sure you’ll be able to follow through. This teaches him that he can count on you, and he’ll learn to keep promises, too. Tip: If needed, include contingencies. (“We’ll go as long as it’s not raining.”)

Speak up about allergies
Family gatherings are good opportuni-ties for your youngster to speak up about food allergies, whether she has one herself or is being considerate of others. She might ask the host if a cas-serole contains eggs or tell a cousin who’s allergic to dairy that there’s milk in the mashed potatoes.

Boost working memory
This activity improves your child’s working (or short-term) memory. Have him close his eyes while you draw three emojis (cupcake, sun, leaf). Let him study the paper for five seconds, flip it over, and try to name the emojis. Repeat the activity, adding one more each time. How many can he remember?

Worth quoting
“When you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.” Zig Ziglar

Q: What’s black and white and black and white and black and white?
A: A penguin rolling down a hill.


An atmosphere of learning
When families create a supportive learning environment at home, chil-dren are more successful in the classroom. Use these tips to make your home a great place for your youngster to learn.

Stock up
Fill your house with items your child can use to explore and investigate. Visit the library regularly so you always have plenty of books. Have her set aside a drawer for math and science supplies (ruler, mea-suring cups and spoons, food coloring, seeds). Also, display a map or globe— when she reads or hears about a place, she can discover where it’s located.

Build on interests
Notice what your youngster is into, such as dinosaurs or music, and help her learn more about it. Read nonfiction books or watch documentaries together. Let her make a hallway gallery based on her interests. She could create and hang up posters to share interesting facts and photos with family members.

Learn together
Learn something new as a family. You might work on American Sign Language and then practice together. Or learn to code or knit. You’ll enjoy a new hobby as you expand your knowledge. Also, plan special nights where you play board games. Try ones that build language skills (Scrabble, Boggle) or involve math or logic (Monopoly, chess).

I’m thankful for...
What is your family grateful for? Try this idea to find out—and teach your child about gratitude.

Pick categories. Choose six crayons, and assign each color a category. Example: red = person, blue = place, green = object, yellow = food, orange = animal, purple = your choice. Place the crayons in a bowl, and give each person a sheet of paper.

Draw and write. Take turns selecting a crayon, draw-ing a heart on your paper, and writing something you’re grateful for that matches the category. Your youngster might write “My Aunt Amy” in red and “Macaroni and cheese” in yellow.

Share. Once everyone has a heart of every color, read what’s in your “hearts” to each other. Display the papers for a nice reminder to be grateful all year long!

PS 34 Oliver H. Perry Elementary
Deise Kowalski, Parent Coordinator
Home & School CONNECTION® November 2019 • Page 2

Conflict resolution know-how
Healthy conflict resolution skills help your child maintain friendships, solve problems and stand up for himself in positive ways. Share these strategies.

Red light! Green light!
Problems are easier to solve when your youngster is calm. Suggest that he think of a feeling like anger or frustration as a red light-- a signal to stop and think. Say he and a friend are arguing over the topic for their group presentation. He might take a few deep breaths or walk away for a little while. Once he calms down (the light turns green), he may be ready to think of a solution, such as combining their ideas to create a whole new topic.

"I" statements
When your child is trying to resolve a conflict, suggest that he start each statement with "I" instead of "you." Example: "I get angry when I'm yelled at" rather than "You make me angry." He'll put the focus on his own feelings rather than blaming the other person—which can keep the conflict from escalating.♥

Attend parent-teacher conferences
Q: My son usually gets good grades and isn’t having any problems in school. Do I still need to go to a parent-teacher conference?
A: Yes! A conference lets you and your child’s teacher exchange information beyond what’s on his report card. Plus, meeting with the teacher is one way to keep the lines of communication open.
The teacher will talk about your son’s strengths and areas for improvement. For instance, he might say he has good work habits but could participate more in class. And you may get to see his writer’s note-book or science journal. You’ll also learn how he’s doing socially—does he get along well with others? Finally, ask the teacher what you can do at home to support your son.♥


Persuasive writing: Buy my product
Coul your child convince someone to buy a rock? What about an ice cube? This silly family activity lets her practice persuasive writing by creating a commercial for an unlikely “product.”

1.Decide what to sell. Ask each family member to think of something you probably wouldn’t buy in real life, such as an empty cardboard box, a snowball, or a brick.

2. Write a script. Each person should make up a commercial advertising her product. Include a vivid description of your item and convincing reasons to buy it. Example: “Introducing our smooth, perfectly square ice cube! Just this single cube will keep your small glass of lemonade nice and cool—without watering it down.”

3.Present your ads. Take turns performing your commercials in your best TV-announcer voice. The advertisement voted most persuasive wins!♥

Mix math with fitness
When my daughter Elizabeth was working with addition facts, we invented a game to help her pracice.
She wrote the numbers 1-10 on separate index cards and I hid them around our yard. Then she wrote the same numbers on separate craft sticks and put the sticks in a cup. We took turns drawing a stick, running to find any number card, and adding the two numbers to get our score. So if Elizabeth drew the 10 and got a 6 card, her score would be 16, since 10 + 6 = 16. The winner was the person with the highest score after all the sticks were used. Our game has grown with Elizabeth. Once she mastered basic addition facts, we wrote bigger numbers to play with. And now that she’s learning multiplication, we multiply to get our score.♥


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 12-2019 Auction.jpg 

PS 34 Annual Auction
December 2-12, 2019
Coming soon!
All proceeds go directly to enrichment programs at PS 34. Thank you for your support!


 11-2019 Shake Shack Fundraiser.jpeg 

Donation Day
Tuesday, November 5th
11:00AM - 9:00PM
Show this flyer at the register and we'll donate 25% of your total meal purchase to PS34 Oliver H Perry Elementary PTA
Shake Shack
160 Berry Street, 11249

Weeks of October 14-25, 2019

September 16 - October 11, 2019 (to come)

Weeks of September 5-13, 2019

September Calendar

September Parent Letter




Working Together for School Success CONNECTION ®
September 2019

Be considerate TES
Family meals offer plenty of chances for your youngster to practice being considerate. As you serve yourselves food, you might say, “Make sure to leave enough so every-one gets some.” Or if there’s one piece of chicken left, encourage your child to ask if anyone wants to split it instead of taking the whole thing for himself.

Tired after school?
As your youngster gets used to the routine of a new school year, she may be more tired than usual. Be sure she’s getting 9–11 hours of sleep each night. Also, try to keep evenings low-key by not planning too many activities.

Cardboard box “origami”
Before tossing boxes in the recycling bin, use them to build your child’s spa-tial sense and math skills. Have him pull each box apart at the seams and lay it flat. Can he tape it back together? Idea: Challenge him to make a mini pizza or cereal box using construction paper and tape.

Worth quoting
“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Fred Rogers

Q: How many eggs did the farmer collect from his biggest rooster? A: Zero. Roosters don’t lay eggs!
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The ABCs of school success
School success begins at home! While your child is learning her ABCs, 123s, and much more, she can get the year off to a great start with these other ABCs.
■ A ttend every day
More time in class = more learning. Help your youngster attend school regularly by scheduling doctor appointments and family vacations outside of school hours. Also, she can cut down on sick days by eating her fruits and vegetables, washing her hands often, and getting plenty of physical activity.
■ B e organized
Forgotten homework? A backpack that doubles as a black hole? Good organizational skills prevent those problems.
Together, brainstorm ways for your child to get—and stay—organized. For instance, she could choose a special folder for bringing home and returning homework and use a zipper bag to store pencils and other supplies.
■ C heck in daily
Designate a time each day to sit down with your youngster, talk about what she did in school, and review papers she brought home. You might read a story she wrote or look over her math test, for example. This simple routine shows her that you care about what she’s learning. Plus, you’ll notice where she’s doing well or if she’s struggling with anything so you can follow up with her teacher.♥

Back to school…for parents
School rules keep students safe and let teachers do their job. Show your youngster that parents can help by following rules—just like he does. Here are a few examples:
●Check in at the office as soon as you enter the school building, and be prepared to show identification.
●If you drive your child to school, be familiar with drop-off and pickup procedures. For instance, stay in your car, obey staff and patrol officers, and help your youngster exit the car quickly and safely.
●Follow rules for sending food to school. Is there a no-peanut policy? Are birth-day treats allowed?
●Contact the teacher to arrange visits ahead of time rather than dropping in.♥

PS 34 Oliver H. Perry Elementary
Deise Kowalski, Parent Coordinator
Home & SchoolCONNECTION® September 2019
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9/12 Open House & Workshop


 Open House 9-12-2019 English.pdf  

 Comms 9-12-2019 Workshop Paperless Flyer.jpg 


SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

4:45 to 6:00PM or 6:15 to 7:30PM
(Please use Eckford street entrance)

Come and Meet Your Child’s Teacher and Visit your Child’s Classroom
Learn More about Our Curriculum and Programs


We understand that communication is key and that being well informed is important. Therefore we will be hosting a Communications Workshop so that you can learn about the various ways we'll be keeping in touch with families throughout the school year. Hope to see you there!

Choose from 2 time slots: Thursday September 12, 2019 at 8:45-9:30am or 5:30-6:15pm in the Kindergarten Cafeteria - Entrance on Eckford Street) Topics covered: Class Dojo Training, Do's and Don'ts, Website, Class Parents, Main Office, Monthly Newsletters and Calendar, Q&A

For questions, contact your Parent Coordinator, Ms. Kowalski at dkowalski@schools.nyc.gov, 718-389-5842