Safety Protocol

  • Children cannot be permitted to ride bikes, skates, scooters, etc. in the school yard during morning drop off or dismissal time. Ball playing is also not allowed during these times. Once all our classes are released and the students are picked up, the school yard is open for public use (approximately 2:45pm).

  • Our official school hours are 8:15am-2:35pm. The school doors open at 7:30am and close at 8:20am.  Students arriving to school after 8:20 am will be marked late. Please remember that lateness is recorded on student’s permanent school record.  It is vital that your child(ren) arrive to school on time each day. 

  • For your child's safety, please escort your child the door on Eckford street in the morning drop off time.  Young children should never be left without parent or guardian supervision during arrival or dismissal time.

  • Students should not be released early from school on a regular basis. Please provide medical documentation/explanation for early release of your child(ren).  If you must pick up your child(ren) early, please send your child to school with a note to the teacher indicating the time and reason for early release.  This will help to alleviate waiting time for you as well as lessen disruption to the office staff. 

  •  Students cannot be signed out between 2:15pm-2:35pm each day. During this time, your child will be copying homework, packing up their books, and then they will be in route to dismissal. 

  • Please do not bring pets into the school yard when dropping off/picking up your child during arrival/dismissal.