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DOE Parent Portal

Visit the parent portal to access information about instructional programs, enrollment procedures, DOE rules and regulations, health and support services, as well as news and other resources.

NYS Assessments


The New York State ELA and Math Assessments for grades 3-8 are coming up:   NYS ELA – April 11, 12 NYS MATH – May 1, 2

Parents should know that this year:

  • There are fewer questions on each exam than there were last year
  • All students are exempt from time limits and constraints
  • Test results no longer impact teacher evaluations
  • The ELA and Math assessments will span 2 days each

For more information visit: Assessment Information Hand Out for Parents


Stay Warm NYC

 If you don’t have heat/hot water file online or w/311 App:

Dress in layers if you’re going out . Read more #wintersafety, safe home heating & #firesafety tips w/@NYPDNews: & @NYCOEM:

Family Crafts & Cooking

  • How to Make St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Jello


You’ll need 1 small box of jello in each color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) 1 large container of cool whip (you may use sour cream or yogurt in place of the cool whip).

The glasses shown are 5 oz. juice glasses, you’ll have to make adjustments as needed depending on the size of glasses you use.

Follow these directions for each layer…Chose the color you want on the bottom (in this case purple).  Dissolve jello as directed on the box using the “quick chill” method (which includes some ice).  Once dissolved, pour the liquid into your glasses, reserving about 1/3 of the jello liquid.  Put all the glasses in the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes, until jello is slightly set.  Mix about 1/3 cup cool whip (sour cream or yogurt) into the remaining jello liquid.  Pour cool whip/jello mixture on top of partially set first layer.  Place all cups in the refrigerator and allow to set (at least 15-30 minutes) while you mix the next color.  

Repeat process with each color, allowing each layer to set 15-30 minutes before adding another layer.  (


January 11, 2018

This January 11, 2018 the DOE will celebrate the City’s third annual College Awareness Day, a citywide public schools event meant to encourage families and school staff members to talk with children about college and other post-secondary activities and programs. Throughout the day, schools across City will be raising awareness about what college is and why it matters. 


NYC Schools Account - Updated in 10-2017

 NYC Schools Account 

You play an important role in your child's academic success. Our goal is to give you the information you need to be an informed and active partner in your child's education. We invite you to set up your NYC Schools Account, a is a web-based application which provides a new way for you to view your child's academic and biographic information information in one of ten languages on a computer, phone or tablet. 

In the account, you can see a child’s:
 Attendance
 Grades
 Assessments (test scores)
 Health information (Fitnessgram)
 Schedule
 Guardians
 Enrollment history 

*You can now invite other adults who are associated with your child's school record to have their own account.*
You can invite relatives, the babysitter, a neighbor, or tutor, or a parent who lives in a different place, or anyone
else who you feel it is important to share your child’s information with. However, as some of this information is
kept private by schools, we ask you to consider carefully whom you will invite. You control how much or how
little information you want to share with them. For more information: NYCSAParentFlyer_2017.pdf 

Parents and Legal Guardians are welcome to visit your parent coordinator at  the school to sign up or if  you have any questions regarding registering for NYC Schools Account. 

NYC Schools Account Registration (English)
NYC Schools Account Registration (Spanish)